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Work with Cook Alex for all your trademark and intellectual property needs. We are an experienced Chicago intellectual property attorney law firm. Our team understands the importance of ideas and keeping them safe. So, we focus on providing clients with a wide range of intellectual property ant technology related legal services. Featuring technical, legal, and industry knowledge to transform ideas, thoughts, and creativity into competitive advantages.

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Dedicated Chicago Intellectual Property Attorney

Serving a wide range of clients, we support a wide spectrum of industries and technologies. We have successfully represented investors, start-ups, research institutions, foundations, universities, established businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients benefit from hundreds of years of collective experience. Ensuring high-quality, cost-effective results. Benefit from our experience and expertise in helping clients keep their ideas safe.

Chicago Intellectual Property Attorney

Trade Secret Services

Trade secrets may be the most valuable asset a company has. It can be critical for the continuing success of a company to keep these secrets safe. And we provide counseling and preventative measures to help companies prevent unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure of trade secrets. This includes protection, enforcement, defense, and value maximization.

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