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Computers, Electronics & Software

We understand that companies wishing to remain competitive must continuously innovate. As the capabilities of computing devices and the complexity of systems increase, companies must continuously integrate new features and functions with existing product lines, which can produce an array of patentable inventions. We help clients to devise successful strategies to protect potential and existing commercial and industrial products and solutions.

Our attorneys have experience with a variety of software types, from operating systems and user interfaces to a variety of consumer and industrial application programs. We are experienced in the prosecution of software patent applications and have counseled clients on validity and infringement of software patents in many diverse fields. Further, we have implemented copyright registration programs in the United States and have advised on international protection of software.

With legal and technical experience gained through diverse litigation, counseling and prosecution activities, our attorneys develop realistic strategies for growing and managing intellectual property portfolios. We help clients to procure domestic and international patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as to negotiate and obtain technology transfer and licensing agreements.

We provide services to Fortune 500 companies, publicly and privately held companies, universities and other not-for-profit organizations, start-ups, and individual inventors. Our services include litigation, due diligence, opinions and investigations, right-to-use and freedom to practice, patent prosecution, licensing, copyrights, portfolio management, technology transfers and M&A support. We have experience in the following computer, electronics and software technologies:

  • Analog & Digital Circuitry
  • Computer Architectures
  • Computer Networks
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Cryptography
  • Database Management Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • E-Commerce
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Engine Control Systems
  • Equalization & Modem Control
  • Error Correction Coding & Decoding
  • Error Correction Coding & Decoding
  • Graphics Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Microprocessors / Microcontollers
  • Operating Systems
  • Optics
  • Optimization Processes
  • Parallel & Distributed Systems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Power Generation
  • Radar, Sonar & Inertial Navigation Systems
  • RF Identification Systems
  • Satellite Technology
  • Semiconductor Fabrication Processes
  • Signal Processing
  • Software
  • Solid-State Circuitry
  • Telecommunications
  • User interfaces
  • Video & Image Processing
  • VLSI Designs
  • Voice Recognition
  • Wireless Communications

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