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What can our intellectual property law firm do for you?

In its simplest definition, we help clients protect their intellectual property. But Cook Alex can do more than that.

Working with us means you can take your concepts, ideas, and innovations to the next level. We apply our industry expertise to not only keep your IP safe, but to maximize the profitability of your portfolio.

But what is intellectual property?

The United States Department of State defines intellectual property as the unique work reflecting someone’s creativity all around. Like miracle drugs, computer games, films, and cars. The three main areas of intellectual property law that innovators use to protect their ideas are Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights.

Intellectual property is an invaluable part of many industries. Making way for new products, music, food, and so much more. And we are ready to make sure that these assets remain yours.

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Protect your most Valuable Assets

Intellectual property falls into three different categories: trademarks, patents, and copyright. The characteristics of the works categorize them and are as follows.


Trademarks are a phrase, word, design, or a combination that identifies specific goods or services. Which distinguishes them from the goods or services of others. Showing the official source of these goods or services.

This law protects the trademark from registration without permission from others. It also helps prevent others from using a trademark that is like one that is already related to registered goods or services.

A well-known example of a trademark is Coca-Cola®.


Patents cover technical inventions. Like chemical compositions such as pharmaceutical drugs, mechanical processes, or machine designs that are new, unique, and usable in some type of industry.

Patent law safeguards these inventions and processes from others, copying, making, using, or selling them without consent from the inventor.

An example of a patent is a design for a new, more efficient motor.


Copyrights cover an artistic, literary, or intellectual created work. This includes works like novels, music, movies, software code, photographs, and paintings. Which are original and exist in a tangible medium. Such as paper, canvas, film, or digital format.

Copyrights protects the creator’s exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display the created work. It also prevents other people from copying or exploiting the creation without the copyright holder’s permission.

Song lyrics like “You’re Welcome” from the movie “Moana” are an example of a copyright.

Our Chicago intellectual property law firm stands ready to help you manage and keep all your IP secure.

Work with the Best Intellectual Property Law Firm!

Cook Alex provides clients with a full range of intellectual property and technology-related legal services. Our clients benefit from our depth and breadth of technical, legal, and industry knowledge to transform our clients’ ideas, concepts, thoughts, and creativity into competitive advantages.

We offer hundreds of years of collective experience in patent and trademark experience. Our team has successfully represented inventors, start-ups, research institutions, foundations, universities, established businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

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