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The world of technology is a fast-moving environment driven by innovation. Where ideas, concepts, and designs are as valuable as any product. But keeping these safe can feel like a daunting task. Which is where our team of IP lawyers can help.

Cook Alex comprises an experienced intellectual property attorney team dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive IP legal counsel. From patent applications to litigation, we are ready to help.

Work with us and benefit from our commitment to help you keep all intellectual property within your legal rights.

Why do I need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

The truth is, you are not required to have any sort of lawyer for matters of IP registration and protection. What IP lawyers provide is the assurance that everything relating to the application, registration, and protection of your intellectual property is taken care of.

Experts in intellectual property law can help with all facets of managing your IP.

Cook Alex can provide help with copyright infringement, litigation, estate planning, and other key factors related to your intellectual property.

So, why take the risk of having an issue?

Instead, give yourself the peace of mind that your IP is properly registered correctly and protected by working with the Cook Alex Oak Brook intellectual property team.

For more information about how our IP lawyers can serve you, please call (312) 236-8500. There, one of our team members will be available. They can provide answers to your questions and set up a free consultation. Or send us a message by filling out the form found on this page, and we will contact you shortly.

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Different Types of IP


People register patents for new, useful processes, machines, composition of matter, article of manufacture, or any improvement thereof. A registered patent gives the inventor an exclusive right to make, use, offer for sale, or sell their invention.


Copyright protects original Works of authorship like books, software, video games, and more. Which grant the creator exclusive rights to create derivative works based upon the works, reproduce the work, perform and display the work. Creators can also allow others to practice these rights.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets comprise formulas, processes, practices, instruments, patterns, or designs used in the production of a product or service. Which can provide an economic advantage over competitors. Trade secrets do not have to be registered, but the owners must put reasonable effort into protecting the information.


A registered trademark protects the right to use any symbol, word, design, or combination thereof to identify the source as the original provider of a service or product. They help combat counterfeiting and fraud by providing the registered entity with ownership of the assets.

Why Cook Alex’s Intellectual Property Attorney Team?

Because we ensure the protection of your IL Intellectual property in Oak Brook.

Cook Alex has hundreds of years of collective experience in patents and trademarks. We have successfully represented inventors of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Our clients include inventors, start-ups, research institutions, foundations, universities, established businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

We understand the needs of our clients and have a deep understanding of intellectual property requirements in many industries, specializing in IL intellectual property law.

With focused services, we provide clients with a depth and breadth of technical, legal and industry knowledge. To help clients transform their ideas, thoughts, and creativity into competitive advantages.

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