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In a fast-paced global economy, it is easy to be left behind because of lost intellectual property. Cook Alex’s trademark lawyers can not only help you lock down your trademark. But also help ensure that it remains within your legal rights. We focus our services on providing Naperville clients with a full range of intellectual property and technology-related services.

Now, we have all heard of trademarks. But the question is, what are they?

By definition, a trademark is a word, phrase, or logo that uniquely identifies the source of goods or services. Discouraging competitors, or other companies, from adopting a logo, name, or part of an identity that is confusingly like an existing trademark.

Registration of a Trademark in the US normally lasts for ten years but can be renewed indefinitely. The rules for trademarks vary depending on where they are registered.

We are committed to helping clients maximize brand recognition while protecting their trademarks and other intellectual property. Do not leave your most valuable assets on the table for anyone else to use. Contact Cook Alex today.

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Trademark Lawyers Serving a Range of Industries

Trademarks are critical for the success of a product because they are an immediate identifier for a specific company. Think of your favorite shoe brand, or electronic manufacturer. You can easily pick them from a crowd based solely on an element of their branding.

The public can easily identify registered trademarks by use of ™ or ®️ immediately placed after a brand name and other marketing materials by the owner. But what is the difference?

  • ™—Any person or business can use this symbol to show that the brand name, logo, or other materials are from a specific source. The person does not have to have a registered trademark to use it. It is common practice to use the symbol for new goods in services when the trademark registration is in progress
  • ®️—This symbol identifies something that is a registered trademark of a product or service. The owner or licensee of the registered trademark must only use it, and only in regions where the registered trademark is valid

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Decades of Intellectual Property Experience

Cook Alex has over 100 years of collective experience in protecting intellectual property. Our team of trademark lawyers has successfully represented clients of all sizes and across various industries. Past clients include inventors, start-ups, research institutions, foundations, universities, established businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

We have been involved in the issuance of hundreds of patents and have secured countless trademarks and copyrights. Helping clients secure technologies in a wide range of industries.

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