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Chicago Patent Attorney: What you can expect from our free 20-minute Phone Consultation

The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Cook Alex are based in the Chicago area, but serve clients across the U.S. and in foreign countries. Our IP services and expertise cover a diverse range of businesses and technologies, with a focus on securing strong patents at a very reasonable cost.

“I’m almost always able to break away from what I’m doing to take a new client’s call. Technology developers are naturally cautious about sharing their information, but once I explain the process and costs to them, their initial wariness subsides and we can explore how the tools afforded by the patent laws can benefit their business.”

—Bob Fieseler, Attorney and Founder

We offer potential new clients a free 20-minute phone consultation, which allows us to answer clients’ questions about the patenting process without imposing on them any obligation to formally retain our firm. This initial consultation provides new clients with the information they need to determine whether they should entrust their valuable ideas to our attorneys. We also provide new clients with strategic options for protecting and building a business around their ideas. Cook Alex isn’t in the business of writing and filing patent applications for every new client, because in some cases the patenting process won’t provide the level of protection that’s worth the costs.

Bob Fieseler, Cook Alex’s founder, reports that in a normal week he conducts between three and five free phone consultations. To schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation with an experienced patent attorney, visit our contact page here.