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Good Patents are like bees—they should protect what’s sweet and sting when they need to.
—Bob Fieseler


Technology companies, investors, inventors and start-ups, ask yourselves—are your company’s IP dollars producing the strong patents you need?

Of the 3,000 patents the U.S. issues every week, only 2-3% are said to cover technology that’s ever sold. Companies need to know that their IP dollars are producing strong patents that protect the key features of their products. Cook Alex‘s success rate beats the average by an order of magnitude. In other words, the patents Cook Alex secures will cover what makes your product unique and worth buying so money isn’t wasted on patents with negligible value. Cook Alex’s veteran attorneys make it their business to understand what’s important to your business, and then craft patents that will keep others out of your market and withstand challenges from those who don’t respect innovation.

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