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How many patents are issued every week? Better question: how many of those patents are successful? Every Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues about 3,000 new patents. Of those, only 2-3% cover actual products that go to market. And each of those patents cost their owners several thousand dollars. So many patents…so much money spent unnecessarily. And so much lost opportunity to have put those funds to better use, like getting patents that are worth something to your business.

The attorneys at Cook Alex have a track record that beats the norm by an order of magnitude. We offer our clients a 5-year objective for each provisional patent that we write. Within that timeframe, 20-30% of those applications should issue as successful patents. And the remaining 70-80%, while they’re on-file, will earn your idea “patent pending” status and garner the respect of those you approach with your idea.

So, how do we beat the odds of actual patents issued? The short answer is, our clients’ patents begin with applied experience and a deep knowledge base that protects a properly vetted idea from the start. In other words, we write patents that zero-in on the novel and commercially viable features of your product or technique. Our experience steers you clear of pursuing patents for features not likely to wind up in a commercially successful product. We consult with our clients from the beginning to determine whether it may be worth patenting your idea at all, and then we ferret-out the most worthy of your idea’s features in the process.

It is for this reason that our track record for securing the most valuable patents in the market is higher than other patent law firms by an order of magnitude. A solidly-written patent application is the key—delivering to you, our client, a path to patenting that directs you toward the eventual goal of monetizing your intellectual property.