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At Cook Alex we value every one of our clients. Our attorneys have guided many small startups into successful corporations and, we recognize and appreciate the unique opportunities smaller companies enjoy, along with the challenges they face.

Smaller Clients Devalued at Larger Firms

Fewer and fewer of the larger law firms appreciate or are even willing to take work from smaller clients. A large law firm recently decided to cut loose from its smaller clients. The firm described representing smaller clients as a “burden” and attorneys at the firm were told to “eliminate” those clients from the firm in “30 days.” You can read more in this article from Above the Law.

Big Solution for Smaller Clients

If you’ve already received, or expect to receive, a breakup letter from your law firm or if you’re simply feeling under-appreciated by your current IP firm, give Cook Alex a call. Our lawyers have big-firm pedigrees, but delivering high-value services to smaller clients is what we’re all about.