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Here is an example of an inquiry Cook Alex recently received via email:

“Hello. How long does it take to file a provisional patent? What’s the typical lead time needed? I’m attending a trade show next week and it might be helpful to have (a provisional patent application) in place so I can speak more openly with potential partners there.”

Every week, we receive similar calls and email inquiries from prospective clients asking “how quickly we can file a provisional patent application.” Whether it’s a meeting with potential investors or an upcoming trade show, it’s a fairly common occurrence for individuals and startup companies to find themselves in a situation where they want to share an idea or reveal a product, but have not yet acquired the necessary protection.

In the interest of clients who need a quick solution to protect their ideas, we designed our IP Fast Track Program to get them the intellectual property protection they need both quickly and efficiently. Our IP Fast Track Program is designed for innovators who require solid protection and fast “patent pending” status.

While there are cheap online patent services, we at Cook Alex believe that if an idea is worth protecting (and we’ll tell you if it’s not) then obtaining the right protection requires the skill and expertise of an experienced patent attorney. All of our clients receive direct professional counsel and expert advice from our experienced patent attorneys.

Via our IP Fast Track Program, our new clients are usually able to attend their trade shows or business meetings within as little as a couple days from our initial contact, with the peace of mind that their idea is protected.

In summary, here’s the good news! There is a way to obtain solid IP protection with a quick turnaround. So if you’re in a hurry, let’s talk.