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There are many options online to file a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Online services like “Legal Zoom” and “Patent Wizard” simply file your patent application for you “as-is” using your own drawings and your own description. There’s no attorney actually involved with you in the process. You end up spending about $100 dollars plus the filing fees. And, frankly, you’re getting as little as you’re paying for.

Some of these websites may have software to guide you, but again, there is no experienced, registered Patent Attorney reviewing, editing, and advising you on the best way to secure patent protection for your idea. You might as well write and file the patent application yourself.

Professionally-prepared provisional patent applications vs. cheap online patent services

Cook Alex offers a service we call our IP Fast Track Program. The key difference is this: an experienced, registered Patent Attorney consults with you, first by phone (or email if you prefer) to assess your idea for patent protection. Your Patent Attorney then guides you in identifying and describing what’s new and advantageous about your idea. Your Patent Attorney will edit and enhance your description and file a patent application that will provide solid protection for your idea as you proceed with its commercialization. We believe a good idea is worth protecting properly.