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Patents are legal, technical and business documents directed to several potential audiences, at the same time. The first consideration when writing a patent application is to know your audience.
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Be Aware of Your Audience
  • Corporate management and directors
  • Potential investors and strategic partners
  • Competitors
  • Professional colleagues
  • Examiners
  • Patent examiners
  • Judges and juries

Over the years, we’ve noticed many common mistakes made by inventors and inexperienced attorneys when writing patent applications. Here are a few:
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Common Mistakes
  • Using emphatic terms
  • Using “hot button” statutory terms
  • Using different words for the same concept
  • Using legal jargon and abbreviations

Here are some examples of emphatic terms, statutory terms and abbreviations to be avoided:
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  • Terms like “necessary, essential, critical” in favor of the terms “preferred, desirable”
  • The using the words “maximize, minimize, optimize” in favor of “increase, decrease, improve”
  • The using the words “always, never, any, all” in favor of “usually, seldom, at least some”
  • The terms “obvious, person skilled in the art”. They are “hot button” statutory terms that have specific connotations you may not wish to be saddled with
  • Using abbreviations like “e.g., i.e.” since they are often confused and few people even know what they stand for
  • Using the term “invention!” (Look for a future blog post explaining why)

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The mistakes we just outlined can undermine the process, giving others an easy path to work around your patent.

Most patent attorneys approach patent writing as a mechanical exercise and don’t know how, or don’t work hard enough, to bulletproof a patent. Cook Alex’s attorneys comb through your initial IP disclosures for words to be avoided, as well as terms or abbreviations that could work against you, to craft a formidable patent application that will be respected by all who encounter it.

Finding the right patent attorney to write and file a solid patent application is the key to protecting your intellectual property. Considering what your ideas or invention could be worth when they go to market; crafting a solid patent applications is a wise investment.[white_space height=”2px”]
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