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Here are six important tips to put on your to-do list, before filing for foreign patents:

Tip 1

Know the stakes involved: the cost of obtaining and maintaining foreign patents are only worthwhile where the innovation has demonstrable commercial value.

Tip 2

Identify your constituency, recognizing that companies use patents for different purposes and aim them at different audiences at various stages of corporate development.

Tip 3

Take advantage of the grace periods afforded by treaty and local law to defer the ultimate foreign patenting decisions while giving yourself more time to realistically assess the commercial potential of your innovation.

Tip 4

Employ a selective approach to the filing of foreign patents to limit the number of countries to the most significant one or two in each of the company’s important regional markets.

Tip 5

Tailor the contents of your initial application to satisfy patent formalities in the foreign countries under consideration for potential patenting.

Tip 6

Expect to be accorded hero status for steering your company toward obtaining patents in the right foreign countries for commercially robust innovations and away from obtaining foreign patents for commercially tepid innovations.

There we go. Six important tips that are good to know before you go down the road of filing foreign patents.